About Us

Speak 2 Call is one of the voice and data supportive service oriented center which delivers the best communication services to the customers with affordable and reliable prices.Follows up with the latest and changing of new technology in the services which makes the customers.  
The services which we offer to the customers are like Wholesale Voice, Wholesale Data, Hosted Voice, Mobile Dialer, Software Applications, Mobile Applications. In order to meet the desired needs of customer and to reach the customers satisfaction, we are imparting our service with 100% assurance with good quality and at reasonable rates. 
The whole sale services which we are offering to the customers which are irrespective of their locations are more fascinating which leads to boosting our metrics in all aspects. We have achieved a reputed position in the market for delivering the quality services across all over globe locations with high quality for the customers based on their requirement. 
We are well recognized in delivering the quality oriented services to all users globally and also we maintain our services in such a way like as unique as and the best in all ways comparative to other competitors.
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